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Saturday, 17 February 2018

Mysteria Cove

Mysteria Cove

Home for Soul Identity and Ohemo

Owner: Liam Erin

Rated : General

Give me a break!!!

Some of you may know that since December 26th, 2018 life has been a bit of a struggle in real life.  It began with a car accident that left me in some pain, a bite from a pet that took 18 stitches to close and as recently as last night, my father suffering from heart problems.  

There has been many blessings in-between to help ease some of the stress.  The endless support of those I love, a new nursing job that has left me joyous, but still, there are times when I find myself hopelessly begging the universe to just give me a break and allow me to sleep.

Today when I logged into second life it was with a  troubled spirit.  My mind kept wandering to my father through out the night, which meant I received little sleep, and my heart was heavy with thoughts of how bleak the world would be without him in my life.  The hardest part of getting older it seems is watching everyone you love around you do the same.

I decided what I needed was a bit of time and creative energy to help my broken heart and so I picked one of the many sims on my review list and headed towards it.  Now I must say I was leery of doing a review today.  I tend to be too judgey on days where my mind and heart are somewhere else.  So when I arrived at Mysteria Cove I was already expecting to be cynical and not in the slightest expecting my spirits to be lifted.

When arriving you find yourself outside the door to Ohemo and across from this watery destination you will see Soul Identity.   Now if you are not already aware of these little gems I strongly suggest visiting for some great little eye catching items.

Now this is one of the few times I do recommend setting your wind light to the region settings.  The dusky darkened feel of the light, enhances the colors in the sim and with a little adjustment to the sun is perfect for those selfies.

Perfectly decorated and begging to have photos taken of it, i'm truly doubtful that it is possible to take a bad photo in this location.  I encourage all to explore this beautiful destination which, as I was told by its owner Liam Erin, changes often.

I won't say that this place made me forget about the troubles currently weighing me down but I can honestly tell you that my time there did leave them feeling lighter and that whatever comes next I will handle as I have what came before.

To all my followers and readers, this is a MUST.  As always don't forget to share your photos with us at and with this sims own flickr group at

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