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Tuesday, 1 May 2018



Rated: A for Adult

A Bit of Real Life with the Second Life Please

     When I was 9 years old (in rl) I went to bed one night a happy, active, healthy, girl and woke the next morning with particular Rheumatoid Arthritis is my fingers.  Within 48 hours it was through out my body, and by the next year I was diagnosed with Fibromyalgia as well.

     That was now (covers mouth and mumbles into hand) so many years ago now, and back then doctors weren't sure what to do with someone so sick so young.  No one wanted to give a 9 year old narcotics, not that I would have taken them, and anti inflamitories didn't do much to help.  There was physio 5 days a week to help keep my joints flexible and I would cry about going because it hurt so much.  At one point my little body was covered in 11 ice packs as they iced my joints.  There was also occupational therapist and their splits that I had to wear when awake and when sleeping, and the rheumatologist that wanted to give me gold injections that I stubbornly refused (thank God I did, look up the complications patients suffered later on because of it).  Though it all I had a good support system, one of those being the first man to ever love me, and the first man I ever loved.  My Grandfather was my world and I spent a great deal of time at his place since it was so close to the hospital.  A military man he had traveled the world and had seen and learned so much.  To me, right up till his death, he was like a Yoda.  This vast mind of knowledge and understanding that I was constantly seeking.

There was nights I would lay awake in pain, unable to sleep from one condition or the other.  It was on those nights and days, that my grandfather would sit beside me and talk.  He introduced me to great literature, classic movies, and told me stories of all the places he had been in the world and the sites he saw.  So many times had I heard these stories that I could picture the places clearly in my mind as if I was seeing them through his eyes.  He taught me how to carry myself to somewhere else, beyond the pain of my body, and into the beautiful and stunning world of my mind.

Needless to say, because he was stationed so long in Africa, I quickly became fascinated with it and longed to visit.  India as well made my list from his stories and soon My imagination globe was filled with destinations I would one day discover.

As with most dreams, real life doesn't always comply.  It gives us other dreams to follow and the ones from our youth are soon set aside and remembered now and then fondly.  The joy of Second life for me, was that through this fantasy world I was able to visit the place my grandfather described.  To watch as Elephants walking in the wild, to tour the pyramids.  To visit the jungles of the Congo and yes, to walk through India.

I was pleased and excited when I saw the location for Sundardan.  This little forest which is located  between India and Bangladesh, is mostly know for being the habitat of the Bengal Tiger, and the sim certainly doesn't disappoint on that fact.

This sim is home to a wide assortment of animals and openly embraces the culture and landscape of its real life setting.  I would definitely recommending adding this little location to your list of must visit sims for a multitude of reason.  It makes a perfect photographic back drop, there are a ton of interactive objects and its the perfect romantic location.

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