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Sunday, 26 February 2017

Thank God i'm a Country Girl

    For once I can honestly say I don't even know where to begin with this one.  I'm proud to say that I have spent almost 9 years touring second life and witnessing the creations of so many talented peoples imagination, and yet todays adventure has rendered me speechless in its beauty.  Today I stumbled upon Country Side.  A Sim Owned by Dick.Spad.  Loacation Habitat Springs (232, 22, 22), it has a maturity rating of Adult, and is 57744 sq m.  The locations description reads as follows "Countryside is a quiet place to enjoy the wildlife and the peace & tranquility of nature.  Its a place to relax, or to be romantic.  Second life Photographers Welcomed."

   Ok first off, Dicky's description above does not do this place justice.  I landed in a field of wild flowers and trees with what seemed like every color, and a lighted trail leading me out.  The trails in this place leave you with the feeling of really walking in the woods as they are little dirt paths surrounded with thick forest and flowers.

Landing in the Countryside, had to get that camera ready

     Just the walk down the path alone was visually stunning, what I didn't expect was when it opened up to this

and offered me 3 more paths to follow.  You won't see an abundance of object laying around with poses for you to take pictures with, though there are some very well placed items to do so.  Its part of the beauty of this place, the open fields, the wildlife all around you, the fields of flowers and trees.  If you as a model or photographer are using this as a place to take pictures, bring some poses, If you are using it as a romantic location with someone, find one of the beautiful sitting areas in the woods and enjoy the sites and sounds.

Trust me when I tell you that my pictures do not to this place justice, and there is so many sights and buildings I simply didn't have room for in the blog to show you.  By far this is not just one of but THE MOST BEAUTIFUL SIM I have ever laid foot on.  I will definitely be back to take photos and so should all of you.  PLEASE don't forget to donate, we seriously need to encourage this sim to stay open!

I fell so in love with this sim that I ended up taking my husband back to it the next day.  Now as much as I enjoy photography he has a much better eye for light and shadow then I do, and I wanted to see what the sim inspired from him.

As usual he produced a stunning photo that i'm very proud to show off.  The remarkable combination of his talent and a stunning sim produced a beautiful photo.  Picture taken by Dilshad Taylor-Slade.

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