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Monday, 18 December 2017

IASWAS - Groenland Kangamiut

Rated: A for Adult

Group Key : 504892be-d37e-3eb0-6b53-ba052f639ae8

I ran away today!  Just for an hour, just to clear my head.  I ran away from the noise of my real life, i ran away from the cluster of instant messages in my second life.  I force my worlds to give me just an hour of silence to hear my own thoughts.

There was nothing bad to think of, so much good, and i was in the mood to be surrounded by beauty.  Ok lets face it, my outfit was too cute and that little fur jacket was just to die for so I HAD to go somewhere to take pictures.

Dress: Dead Dollz - Skeleton Dress in Black
Jacket: Vilena Pelted Fur in white

Thankfully while doing so snooping on Flickr, I had found what appeared to be a stunning location.  With land mark set i headed towards Greenland.

This little sim is filled with colorful houses, beautiful mountains, icy waters, and a blistery atmosphere.  You can almost feel the chill as you walk through it, which only makes the public areas and their fireplaces all the more inviting.

The designers of this sim state that they tried to keep the sim as realistic as possible, but did throw in just enough fantasy to give the sim this magical winter oasis feel.  From scattered animals through out the sim, to its ice burgs floating in the water, they have truly created a visual that begs for pictures.

Truly a magical place that must be added to any favorites list.  I give a huge kudos to Kaelyn and Gorba for their amazing work creating this and completely enjoyed my time there.  Don't forget to check out their flickr group at :
and share with them your own phones.

And in the spirit of Greenland, remember, it all starts with a smile!

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