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Sunday, 3 December 2017

Holiday Trace

Holiday Trace

Rated: M for Moderate

Owner: Kylie (kylie.jaxxon)

Learning To Breathe

I breathed today.  I put my head up to the sky and I filled my lungs with fresh clean air.  I felt it travel through my body, tightening my back as my lungs filled, pushing my chest out and filling me with life.  I held it there for a moment, savoring it like a fine wine before slowly letting it out.  For minutes I stood there, simply breathing in nice and deep, out nice and slow and remembering that this body is mine, this spirit is mine, this life is mine, and I simply breathed.

Have you ever come close to drowning?  Had a hit to the stomach and had the air knocked out of you?  That first breath in is excruciating and exhilarating all at once.  Life is like that.  Something happens that totally takes our breath away, that leaves us struggling for air and pondering if life is slipping us by, and then, when we fear all hope is lost, we remember how to breathe.

Often that first breath into a new life is painful, exhilarating, we are doubtful, scared and relieved all at once.  I could have drowned today, I could have slipped back into what I knew, could have allowed myself to drown in it and welcome the drowning, and instead, I decided to breathe.

I decided to breathe that first painful exhilarating breath.

I breathed.

Some people who have been reading this blog for awhile knows my love of the Trace Sims.  The owners know what they are doing and provide sims that are the very definition of photographic sims and truly a work of art all on their own.

Trust them when you arrive and set your wind light to the region settings to take some simply stunning photos with little effort.  Every inch of this sim is to theme, easy to guide through and simply beautiful to walk through and think, or just breathe.

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