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Thursday, 30 November 2017


!!Adult content!!


Woman, Woman, Woman, WTF is our problem????

Yes, that's my naked Av you see above, laying out against a lounger with no actually sexual body parts showing.  I am alone, the sim was empty, and yet this picture can classify me as a slut?

The curve of my ass, the small of my back, again no sexual body parts showing, does this picture make me a slut?  Somehow this picture would be ok to you if I had a string lodged up my cheeks instead of having them bare?

Ok, let me give those of you who use these words to describe other woman the benefit of the doubt, lets say i have it wrong, that these pictures of the human body is "slutty".  While we at it we will say the Birth of Venus, David, Hell even Cupid and Psyche, are slutty as well? Because they are famous nudes.

So this photo must make it better then right?  I mean i'm fully covered, your not seeing that dreaded bared skin, but no it doesn't does it?  You still use words like slutty, whore, and many others i will not name.  What if i turned around would that make a difference?  Or is it simply a nude body that offends you?  What happened to woman empowering each other instead of putting each other down?
The problem here isn't my nude body, or my ass in a pair of shorts, the problem here is your perspective.  You don't know me!  You don't know that that naked body has two degrees, that they have dedicated years to the health care profession.  You don't know that that body is a good mother, good wife, good friend.  YOU DON"T KNOW!  All you see is an ass , perhaps hear a story and cast a judgment.  Do you always do things without educating yourself first?
I'm tired of woman putting eachother down, and for what?  What do you get out of it?  Does it make you feel better to call another woman names?  To start a rumor or two?  What is your intention?  Do you hope to trash her rep in the hopes of building up your own?  Think men will cross her off their list in the hopes of picking you?

Let me inform you of this.....................If you need to put someone down to put yourself up, you are NOT worthy of being there!  Stop this Ladies, we're too good, worked to hard for this bull shit.  There is nothing wrong with the human body (or the AV one), and there certainly is nothing wrong with being confident about it.  To those who are weak and insecure and feel the need to put others down to make themselves feel better.....................try therapy, the results last longer.
While i'm at it, here's a few more to keep you talking Ladies! To those who don't like it...........well you can pucker up and kiss the picture above!

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