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Friday, 24 November 2017

The Looking Glass

The Looking Glass

Group Key: 250050a1-0a01-ce24-4e25-5b499d33cae5

Rated:  M for Moderate

Some of my more devoted readers may know that in real life i'm addicted to Alice in Wonderland.  The book has been on my night stand since i was 16.  I've read it a million and one times and never seem to tire of it.  Something about Lewis Carol's wonderland speaks to my soul, soothes my aches, and inspires me to keep dreaming.  I am, in so many ways, Alice.  A foolish girl with more curiousity at times then brains, constantly and mistakenly getting herself into trouble while searching for "home".

Needless to say, the moment i saw the name of this sim i was eager to visit.  I love seeing other peoples inspirations from the classic novel, love seeing the creativity it inspires, the emotion.  Now i admit, when i landed and scanned around the sim, I was at first disappointed.  Not because the place was not visually stunning, which trust me, my pictures do NOT do it justice, but because i wasn't welcomed by Hearts, white rabbits and roses to name a few.

The disappointment didn't last long.  There is so much beauty in this sim that its impossible not to get caught up in it.  Set your wind light to their settings to see one of the most stunning sunsets you have ever seen.

Offering a million little places to dance, it is definitely a romantic location.   It also is a perfect location for photos, sitting alone to think or to chat with friends

The sim also offers the perfect place to get your tarot cards read!  My own reason told me of a troubling past, but a future of love and friendship!!!  Yay me!

I have to admit, i spent well over an hour on this sim and completely lost myself to the magic of it.  The photos needed no enhancements, they were just stunning because the sim was stunning.

My only complaint is that the sim is oddly laid out and in spots crowded.  Walking paths aren't always clear so it was a little hard to get to certain places but well worth the effort.

Make sure to visit, make sure to donate, and make sure to share your own stunning photos because i'm certain you will be capturing some of your own.

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