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Thursday, 23 November 2017

Winter Resort

Winter Resort


Rated: A for Adult

     I started my morning by dressing in my most winter attire and began my search.  Outside my door in real life we were seeing the seasons first snow fall and i was in a mood to continue experiencing it in both worlds.  

     When you take the landmark to this sim you arrive just outside a little red covered bridge to a land of falling snow.  The sim offers a range of activities, including and ice rink that you will see directly to your left.  You'll also see that the sim offers rentals as well to buildings that are beautiful and perfect for a little vacation.

     You can also spend your time skiing down the slopes provided or sledding.  There are even a few places to stop and built a snow man.  Do you wanna build a snowman? Come on lets go and play. I never see you anymore come out the door its like you've gone away...........

     The sim also offers a million little cuddle locations, a beautiful spa, some places to dance, and overall a romantic, fun location to get completely lost in.

     While you're there take some photos, pick out your Christmas tree and feel yourself getting caught up in the winter season.

     Personally, i found it impossible to not enjoy this location and I think you will as well.  As always don't forget to donate and enjoy.

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