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Thursday, 23 November 2017

White Horse Hollow

White Horse Hollow

Rated: A for Adult

Ok, some may know that I am not an overly girlie girl.  I love my dresses and heels, and God knows i can't walk by a make up store without running in and cleaning them out.  What i mean by being "overly" girlie is that I've never been the one for Fairy tales that didn't have the big bad wolf winning!

I've never been into unicorns or princesses, I've never like cupcakes and sparkles, not even as a child. I was more interested in woman like Audrey and Katherine Hepburn then i was with Snow White and Cinderella.  To the point that at 8 i had a cat named cat!  (Kudos to you who know to what movie that is in reference too, to you who don't....................FOR SHAME))

That said, when i arrived at this riding sim and took a look around, i DID NOT expect to like it one bit.  You could see the sim covered by autumn like trees in such a vast amount of colors that it was more like stepping into a painting then landing on a sim.  In the horizon you could see tops of castles, and i was fully expecting to turn the corner and find a unicorn laying there at any moment.

The truth is, this sim is so visually appealing that you can't help but fall instantly in love.  Add that to the fact that it is surrounded by turning and twisting trails that beg for you to ride a horse on and the sim becomes complete perfection.

There are horses that walk the sim free for you to ride so feel free to jump on and allow them to walk you through the sim.

I suggest this sim to everyone, but especially to anyone with a love for horses.  The scenery is stunning and this place is the perfect place to relax and enjoy.

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