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Saturday, 18 November 2017



Rated: A

     As some of my readers may know I've been doing a lot of reflecting lately.  On past decisions, on present decisions, on what truly makes me happy, on what I need to continue to make me happy.  Desperate to escape the Im's that continued to come through, I decided once more to go in search of a winter sim to get lost in.

     I found myself landing on a beautiful little snowy path that seemed to lead into a little village.  You'll see a club to your back that is strangely out of place with the winter theme of the place.  Especially since it is lined on either side with cute little Christmas shops such as a book store, toy store and sweet shop.  Take the sleigh located right there to your right to be able to tour through the sim and see all of the snowy sights.

    The sim does offer some great interactive props scattered throughout for you to take some fantastic pictures.  The sim isn't too big and a lot of the building are mushed together but the sim is still worth visiting to capture some shots, or to go ice skating.

     I had way to much fun with this train!  I could have taken pictures on it all day.  Definitely make sure to stop and take some pictures.

     Over all a good spot to stop and visit and take a few pictures or to just hang out for a little bit.

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