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Saturday, 4 November 2017

Deadman Inc

Deadman Inc

Rated: Adult

    Second life can be an amazing thing.  People don't realize the connections you can build when you tear down the physical boundaries, when you can't see the disappointment or mockery on someone's face, how easy it is to reveal the deepest darkest places of your soul.  People don't understand the connection that can develop  when you show someone the inner most demons and they still seem to love you and delight in your presence despite what you deem ugly about yourself.

   Sadly Second life can be a very cruel place.  Its a world without limitations, a world without consequences.  You can rob and steal and hurt without the fear of prison.  There is no need to wear a mask when doing emotional harm when you are equipped with a mute button or the ability to alt yourself.  Its a world where we do not get to see someone's body language or tone so their words, even when innocent can be taken out of context.  Its a world were most build a life showing their true colors and most decide to hurt and go after their own desires instead of thinking of the desire of others.

arriving at Deadman Inc

Sadly, its a world where on most days, I stick out like a sore thumb.  My mother in real life tells this story about when I was 3.  We had this huge weeping willow in our yard.  One day I was out playing and my mother watching when I fell in front of the tree and scrapped my knee on one of the roots coming up from the ground.  My mother came over to dry my eyes as I sat their crying and decided to distract me by telling me the name of the tree "weeping" she said "as in crying".  My tears were quickly forgotten as she told me this was a crying tree, and for the remainder of my day, and every day for the next month, I sang, danced, pinned pictures, to the tree in the hopes of making it smile.

    I suppose that's why in both real life and second life I choose to be in the medical profession.  The desire to make someone smile, to feel better is engrained into who I am.  I tend to put aside my own feelings in the hope of making someone else feel better.  Sometimes that leads me to great reward as I have made friendships in second life that I couldn't imagine not having in my life (love you Dad!) .  People I truly love and truly trust with all of me.  It has also lead to betrayals of my trust, to a lot of tears, and so many knives in my back i'm surprised my spine isn't severed.  yet every day I get up and keep dancing, singing and pinning pictures to that damn tree of life.

      All of this was on my mind today, the way people behave in a world that gives them access to their darkest desires, the ability to reveal who they truly are at their core.  I was wondering if all the singing and dancing was worth it.  There are days when even I grow so tired of the games of this place and desire a little calm away from the chaos.  I was thinking that maybe, after all these years here, it was time I learned to harden myself a little and close off who I truly am, showing that woman only to those who deserve it and not to everyone who crosses my path......................That's when I fell into a land of Pandas.

     The start of this path is like going into a peaceful land of meditation and solace.  Just what a troubled spirit needed.  Make sure to set your windlight to the lands settings to be able to take in this stunning sim in the full magic its intended to be seen in.

      The sim offers numerous opportunities for you to stop and take a picture or to engaged with its animated objects, including a pond that has some stunning poses.

      The further into the sim you explore the darker twist the area takes.  You'll find the Mad Pea escape room available to play (as always absolutely amazing) As well as some other amazing areas.  My personal favorite?  The Fortune teller contains cards created by Mad Pea of course that actually tell your fortune.  It allows you to pick between Romance, Success, etc to name a few.  Of course I picked romance and the following is my fortune:

-You : The Fool-
Expect the unexpected when The Fool turns up in a reading, influences that could have a dramatic affect on the decisions and choices you make. When The Fool appears it is a time for new beginnings, a journey perhaps into the unknown that will be exciting and fun. Any trials along the way will make you a more experienced and perhaps wiser person.

Your partner : Knight of Pentacles-
Travel on foot, hiking, walking, cycling

-Your common bond : The Chariot-
The Chariot symbolizes conflicts ending in victory, so advises sustained efforts if in a current struggle or facing one, as you will win in the end. This card also heralds unexpected good news and represents self reliance and belief in your own abilities.

-Your strength as a couple : Judgement-
The Judgement card heralds a time of accomplishment and rewards for past efforts. Taking stock of one's life and consideration of a brand new phase in life. The Judgement card brings an opportunity which once given, must not be ignored. A new project or decision could change your life.

Your weaknesses as a couple : Two of Swords-
This is the knowledge of how to compromise, keep these two sides in balance and at peace. Note that this is a temporary compromise. The Querent may be in the middle, or just forced to accept it. Either way, they must be told that it won't last. The direction of your new brain power here is how to keep these two ideas from fighting, to hold off trouble and make peace.

-The outcome of your romance : The Magician-
The Magician is an excellent omen symbolizing new opportunities, the importance of new enterprise and that you will have the willpower and initiative to succeed in whatever you do. The mercurial nature of The Magician means that you will be able to think on your feet and bluff your way through any difficulties.

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