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Thursday, 29 March 2018



From the moment you begin your visit at this little island oasis, your not really sure where to point your camera and click.  For such a small space, so much calls your eye.  You instantly get the feeling you have been shipwrecked or survived a plane crash to land at this tiny destination.  By the landing spot you will notice a refreshing pool of water with the most magical water lilies decorating it, if your me, you find it impossible not to capture it on film.

      The area offers dozens of beautiful crafted locations to take pictures, numerous animated objects and back grounds, and promises to just be a fun place to hang out.  With a club up on one of the hills, the ability to voice, and the promise of great music, I can certainly see why people would love to spend a night here.

      Now when I arrived each time over the past 2 days I did see only one other person on sim.  I'm not sure if this little sim is just getting its start, or if I am there at a bad time each day, but the lack of people did make the whole sim at my beck and call and me able to take some great shots without interference.

     The sim is rated M for Moderate, so don't be expecting to take your beach nudes here, it does though offer a sweet little home for picture use along the water that is filled with animated objects with some fabulous poses.

 Who we kidding?  My reality ended long ago.
 Ok now this was the most misplaced object, it didn't fit with the run down, dessert oasis at all, but I must confess my inner geek SCREAMED when I saw this.  You so know I tried to drive it!!!  Now normally I don't do this, but this object is tooo amazing not to give a shout out to the creator.  Made by Jenika Connolly, owner and designer of Freak Boutique, Second Hand Droids, and Jenika's Astronomy Park.  Her main store is now closed but you can still find this Incom T-65 X-Wing on sale in Market Place for only $800.

Long Live the Resistance

    Ok back to the sim, use their windlighting to capture some great shots, its totally easy to get lost in this place and just enjoy your camera and the pictures it captures.  A purely enjoyable experience and a Sim I will most definitely come back to.  I hope you all enjoy it as much as I had.

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