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Friday, 30 March 2018

Mastering the Zen

Mastering the Zen

Rated A for Adult

 A friend handed me this location and said I had to visit.  So yesterday, determined to get some reviews done I headed to the Mastering of the Zen to take a look.  This location isn't very big, only enough to hold a few buildings and some pretty landscape and yet it is still worth a visit.

     Use the windlight provided to capture some beautiful peaceful photos and enjoy the stunning scenery that is perfect to its theme.  I fell in love with the lotus flowers and cherry blossoms that surround the area.

       Though it will take you no time at all to walk around the area, you will find yourself able to capture beautiful photos that are ready to post with little effort at all.  The area certainly lives up to its name and provides a peaceful state of Zen from the moment you arrive.

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