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How is your Sim Rated?

Visual Experience: 

     Is the sim easy on the eye or do you not know what to look at first.  Does it give a feeling of calm and order or is it pure chaos? 

Example Picture:


     is it easy to move around the sim or are there so many twists and turns that you easily get lost and miss half of it.  Is there a clear path, or do objects stand in the way and you are forced to climb over things in order to get to something out.  Is the Sim planned and laid out well.

Example picture:

Picture taken at Country Side, please see blog for link

     If the sim is promoting a theme ........ex: magic kingdom, a rl town, etc does it meet expectation of what would be expected?  If it is a magic Kingdom for example is light settings set to normal or more magical, is the scenery imaginative and fitting, are buildings of a more magical Varity.

Example Picture:

Picture taken at Neverland Sim, please see blog for link.


            Has the owner put thought and imagination into creating the sim or simply placed some items here and there.  Have they built objects to place on the sim, or used objects that are not commonly used.  Is there a keen eye for detail throughout the sim or have they created an experience not often seen.

Example picture:

Overall Experience:

     Kind of self explanatory but overall is this a sim I would recommend or that I myself would come back to. 

Example picture:

Picture taken at Country Side, please see blog for location

For a copy of your sims Score card please contact Isabella Taylor-Slade (belladochas minoptra) in world or send an email to

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