Friday, 17 November 2017

The Forest

The Forest

Rated: M

     Oh yes, it is getting to be that time of the year.  Thanksgiving is right around the corner, and Christmas is on its way.  I have to admit I'm really excited to see all the winter sims opening and that Christmas feeling beginning to take over.  Dragging out the Jackets and books I have now actively begun amusing myself with touring these wintery wonderlands.

     Today I visited The Forest.  From the minute you land on this site you are greeted with a ton of activities just begging to be completed and poses waiting for you to snap the perfect picture.  Take the sleigh ride (with a real reindeer!!) through the winter winter wonderland or simply take your time and stroll through.

     The sim offers multi levels as you make your way up the mountain slope. Take the lift all the way to the top to visit the lodge, and ski or sled your way down, or simply enjoy the walk through the snow.  The sim also offers some simply stunning winter retreats at a very affordable price to get away with the family or to simply spend some time alone.

      Really how can you resist renting one of these perfect little cabins when they offer beautiful little outdoor hot tubs such as this one?  I definitely know where i'll be vacationing this winter!

     This place offers the perfect winter photo location for yourself or your family with attractions for both the adult, a child or the child like at heart.

     What really impressed me though was the staff!  I arrived at the lodge and was greeted right away by one of the admins asking me if there was anything they could help me with.  Upon asking about the sim they were more then eager and proud to explain just why they so adored this piece of winter heaven.

     This place will definitely be going on my winters favorite list for taking pictures, hanging out, and just sneaking off to spend some time alone.  A definite suggestion for you all to visit and as always don't forget to donate.  This is definitely a MUST to keep open.





Kendall Release

Valley Choral

We are the Wilson family and we love to bring beauty and vacation RP to the SL community.

Wednesday, 15 November 2017

Diamond Dust Forest

Diamond Dust Forest

Rated: Adult

Group: 3cfe5ed6-cf88-9827-4b1a-d74776c9adb5

    I needed to be Elsa today!  Not the Cartoon animated character, I mean really who could pull off that hair?, but what she represented.  I needed a place as cold as I felt, a place to remind myself of my inner strength, a place where tears could be turned into Ice castles.  Thankfully I stumbled upon Diamond Dust Forest and lost myself, and my emotions for a little bit, in an amazing winter wonderland.

 When you first arrive in this winter wonderland you are greeted by a stunning snowy sky and these delightful little penguins and instantly feel yourself transported to a North Pole Oasis.

   The sim offers numerous little spots to hang out with a friend or loved one, to capture amazing snowy pictures or to simply wander and think.  All the trees throughout the sim are decorated in beautiful white lights that fill the sky and Forrest path with a certain magic that has to be seen.

     Go sledding, Ice skating, have a snowball fight or build a snowman, there is something for every age physically and emotionally on this Sim.

    I even got to meet the big man himself who abruptly informed me why I made this years naughty list. :( I'll try harder next year.................................NOT!!!!!

    The sim is the perfect place to sit and reflect, don't forget to set your settings to their region wind light for some perfect pictures of the landscape.

     And as this little guy can certainly remind us....................Winter is Coming.  Don't forget to donate to help keep this amazing slice of winter heaven open.

Wednesday, 8 November 2017

Malal's Autumn

Malal's Autumn

Rated: M for Moderate

Owner: Malal Family

I love the Autumn!  I have mentioned before that in real life i live in Canada, and in Canada we are known for this season almost as much as we are our winters.  With a country that is vastly wooded land, and more of it untouched then touched, it is a tourist spot to nature lovers all around the world.

What do i love about it???  The way the air changes to that cool crispness that just feels good on the lungs, the colors of course, orange, yellow, red that touch nearly every tree you see, the sound of leaves crunching beneath you feet, the smell of the first fire in the fireplace, the cool mornings that make you want to stay in bed all day hidden beneath your covers, the huge sweaters that you begin to break out, every inch of the season calls to me.

I also love what Fall represents which sounds kind of strange for a season most relate to death.  Yes the leaves are dying, we know that we will soon be struggling against the winter, the ground begins to freeze at nights, the world around us begins to ready for a winter slumber.  The woods see more animals out eating, readying them selves for hibernation, hunters adorn their orange vests as they get ready to go out and make a kill.  I suppose if you look at the season that way it can be quiet depressing.

I on the other hand view it as a time for preparing, for knowing that a challenge will face you and a readiness to make yourself stronger for it.  I find it a season of respectfulness, a time to think about the season just past, and the hopes for the one to come.  You see even when something dies there is great beauty in it.  We are left with memories, lessons learned, a chance to make ourselves stronger so the same mistakes aren't made again.  As always, even though we know the path before us will be hard, we are assured that the spring will come, and new life will begin again.

This sim beautifully captures the magic of fall from the last blooms of flowers, to the apple orchard waiting to be picked clean.  Elegantly decorated,  beautifully laid out, it is the perfect place to capture a fall photo or to simply sit and reflect with your friends or on your own.  

I am happy to say that this place has made its way into my favorites list and will definitely be on there for a long time to come.  The sim could have been toured completely with in 45 minutes yet i found myself there for almost 2 hours simply taking pictures and thinking

Don't forget to leave a donation, this is certainly a place we want to keep open

Tuesday, 7 November 2017



Rated: A for Adult

Group Key: 465afa9a-1116-6eb3-bea6-4e6a4bcda013

Owner: Anne Maertens (annealyce.maertens)

   Comhar is a very old favorite of mine, and something I have kept a secret for awhile!  Why?  I'm selfish like that.  This huge 3 story building offers poses and back drops galore.

Needing a pick me up I headed there and spent a few hours changing outfits and taking photos.  Needless to say soon my troubled mind was forgetting the things that insisted previously of pissing me off.

I can guarantee you that this HUGE building will offer you poses and a back drop for anything you're in the mood to shoot...................except perhaps and ex. lol 

Don't forget to read over their rules of conduct when exploring

1.  Do not bother other visitors. 
2.  NO photography or machinima of other visitors unless you have their permission.
3.  Sexual activity is restricted to the caves.  Conversations during sexual activity should be within private IM.
4.  Nudity is permitted within the photo studio, photo garden and caves.  While shopping or exploring the rest of the sim please clothe yourself. 
ANY violations to the RULES OF CONDUCT will result in immediate banning from the sim without warning.

This sim is a definite Gem to any photographer.  As always don't forget to donate to help keep this amazing place open.

Monday, 6 November 2017



Group Key: 77c26a83-365e-2e6a-0220-6b428f0b2633

Rated : A for Adult

      For once I sat here looking at the screen not know what the hell to write.  My heart feels a combination of emotions, some good, some bad, and I wanted none of them to reflect my review of the sim.  what I have to simply tell the truth, and what lead to my impressions of Fairhaven.

    I'm a runner, or at least that's what I've been told.  I hate conflict and when confronted with it I will step away from the situation, distract myself with something else, so my mind can clear its self on the emotion and look at the situation.  Usually, if given time to calm, I will see my errors of the situation, or see what needs to be corrected, and can calmly explain myself.  The down side?  If continued to be pushed when I step aside, I have a temper that can make the Devil cry.

    I always have a huge list of sims on me, places awaiting me to walk through them and take pictures to post here, so when a sudden conflict in my second life arose, a particularly painful on, I ran to the first on my list to distract myself.  I found myself in Fairhaven, wandering, taking pictures, while that one box in my IM's continued to light up with comments.

    Making a very long story very short, lol, as I explored the person messaging me and I decided it was best to end what has been an amazing year and a half adventure.  To some who know us, I'm sure there is already eye rolls, you see this seems to be a pattern we have set up for ourselves.  We get upset, we break up, we find our way back and promise to try harder.  I can't say for certain what the future holds, God knows I've said never again only to go back a month later.  The truth is I love him, I think he's an amazing man, and I don't regret a second I spend with him, but sadly some times love like this can leave you bitter to ever trying to love again.

    Fairhaven is an adult beach with a tropical theme.  It offers love and romance at every turn, places to cuddle, to dance, huge beds to sneak off alone with that person you're crazy about.  Trust me, looking at these things while my own relationship is ending could leave a girl feeling very bitter.  The sim offers a whimsical feel that desperately makes you want to get caught up in the magic of love and I must confess, even at this painful moment, it did the same to me.

      It would be so easy to toss my hands up, to say I'm done with all this bullshit, to allow this situation to leave be bitter and angry.  Instead this sim helped me to realize that even though what I wanted with one person I cannot have, it doesn't mean I never will with another.  I believe love conquers all things, I believe that love is slow to anger, that it forgets past wrongs, that it forgives.  I believe that love constantly seeks the protection and well being of the other and I refuse to believe that there is any world, second life or other wise, where this type of love doesn't exist

    I know it does, I've felt it before, I will feel it again.  Thank you Fairhaven for allowing me to find myself in the magic of your sim.  To reset my moral compass and remind myself what is truly important to me.

     I wish you all love, peace, happiness, and kindness in All worlds, and encourage you all to visit this magical little sim alone, or with someone you love.  Perhaps you too will find the magic of it.