Thursday, 21 September 2017


When you take the land mark above you will find that you land at a rundown drive in, in the middle of a more family orientated sim.  At first its older building style and lack of decorations made me want to turn and go find another photographic sim.  Instead though i decided to take a walk through and see what this sim had to offer and was actually pleasantly surprised.

Movie Theatre

I was pleased to see so many little features that were loaded with animations and photo ready.  You'll see when arriving at the drive in that at the ticket booth there is a teleporter.  Click on it to be taken to 4 different locations that are ready for pictures.  

Location 1 : Dead House

careful, there are traps throughout this dead house

Location 2 Motel / Garage

The Garage in this area offers a few naughty poses for the adventurous adult, as well each room in the motel is furnished and ready for picture or play.  You'll also find some random pose balls around to Capture some great photos

Dress: Moon Exlixir Rose Breeze Dress
Shoes: A N E Sunny Slide Mules in Pearl
Hair: Truth VIP September (Athena)

 You will also find that one of the rooms in the motel has its own photo booth with some great poses as well

Location 3 The Skate Park

I really loved this location!  The art on the walls, and the fact that you can click the ramp and get a skate board.  There are lots of pose balls here as well to take some great photos alone or with friends.

Location 4 The Bridge

Over all i was pleasantly surprised and really enjoyed my little photo trip through this place.  Certainly worth visiting to capture some pictures.

Oh, and don't forget to get your fortune read, mine was as follows:

"Death, the One appointment we all must keep, and for which no time is set"

Wednesday, 20 September 2017

Dystopia // Carnage City

Today i set out on an adventure to the land of Dystopia//Carnage City.  This massive sim is post apocalyptic, flooded city.  It offers a wide rage of  Locations and themes to take your pictures in while tying it all into its end of the world theme.

The landing point brings you to a wooded area.  You will see here a board to become a member of the Dystopia group as well as a cash pig sitting in the corner to donate to the sim.

While touring the sim you will see items such as this garbage can pictured above.  Click on these to be teleported around the sim as well as to some great hidden locations.  Don't forget to give yourself LOTS of time if you are intending on touring this whole sim for it is HUGE.

Today's 50's Costume

Hair: Oleander Tegan Natural Tones

Glasses: C L A Vv Summer Shades Leapord

Shoes: A N E Sunny Slide Sandal Mule in yellow

Shirt: BE {Good Golly Miss Molly} Top 3

Skirt: BE {Good Golly Miss Molly } Skirt 4

I did find that the Sim posed a few problems.  It was laggy but that could have just been me, and there were area's where land was coming through the buildings.

Over all though the Sim provided dozens of buildings to walk into and tour, all decorated and ready for pictures.  The Sim is definitely worth a visit no matter what pictures your taking.


Owner: Lauren Bentham

The moment you land on the dock of this sim, you are instantly aware that you are in a "real" photographic sim.  Artistically decorated and so perfect to theme that you know instantly Lauren Bentham has somehow made Sim decorating an art form.

 arrival area

Every inch of sim is littered with something to draw your eye and to enhance your picture.  Making it hard not to find a place to take a picture, but impossible to choose just one place to capture that perfect picture.

The school House

 This time Lauren presents us with a decaying kind of ghost town which is perfect all year round but especially so at Halloween.  what i adore most is that she achieves this scene without all the typical Halloween type props. The woman has an amazing knack for taking the ordinary and mundane and arranging it so that it fits perfectly into the "horror" type image.

Poor little ducky

The areas wind light is set so perfectly for the sim that i found myself very rarely having to adjust light and shadows to get the imaging i wanted.  I was also pleased to see the addition of an almost sunken carnival to the sim as well that is certainly a must to see during this Halloween season.

Inside the carnaval

My witch Costume for the day


Infact Bentham has created such magic with this place that if I had one complaint it would be this.  I found myself capturing only two photos of myself because i was so caught up in taking pictures of the sim its self.

The Church and Graveyard

Though I can't say the object were original or that they hand't been seen before on other sims, the place is so artistically arranged that you find yourself looking at everything as if it is all new.  The whole sim a story waiting for its reader.

Inside the children's room

Just hanging around

Upstairs in the Mansion

In the mansion

I have reviewed one of Bentham's sims in the past (see Everwinter) and after seeing this sim I can honestly say that she has succeeded in creating what I've come to expect from her, another flawless Sim, true to theme and a photographers dream.

fire fire, hearts desire, never ever play with fire

Now i know i always say this part..........but i truly mean it in this case!!  Please don't forget to donate, this is one sim that would be a great lost if it couldn't continue to operate.  Thank you Lauren Bentham for your vision and artistic talent, i truly look forward to visiting more of your sims.

 Don't forget to reach out to me here or online at Belladochas Minoptra to tell me about a sim you think i should visit or to share your photo experience!

Tuesday, 19 September 2017


A Huge thank you to you all for continuously checking with The Second Life Tourist for your top sl destinations.  I have truly enjoyed sharing my photography and experiences with you all.

Love Always

Isa xoxo


     An urban, post apocalyptic sim that begs to be hung out it.  Littered with adult nooks and crannies throughout.  Before wondering through the Sim please make sure to take a copy of the rules at the dock where you land.  The rules are mostly common sense but please be sure to give a read through. By leaving the landing area you are stating that you have read, agreed and understand the rules.

      This is an adult sim so they are requesting that no Child-Av's, baby's, teens or any young looking Av's or non human Av's be permitted, though if you are the latter the rules state you can contact Sim management for permission.  Any breaking of the above will be reported to Linden Lab and result in being banned!

     The Sim also offers a dungeon that hasn't been reviewed here today but is truly amazing and should be visited if you enjoy public play.   It is currently free but soon will only be available to rent by the hour.  Voice at this time is not encouraged as the dungeon is considered part of the main sim.  Keep your eye on our blog for future review of the Dungeon soon.

    So, the Good Life as i stated above is an urban, decaying sim.  The moment you walk in your enter littered streets, garbage, and flooded areas.

      The Sim offers area with adult animations in them and is adult rated, so don't be afraid to "enjoy" the area to its full extent.

       Even among the grunge you can't help but look adorable in this cheer leading uniform from Reign's Nosebleed Gotcha and the rare hair from Besom which is in the same gotcha located at Reign's main store.

      Every inch of this place is decorated to the nines, an amazing place to take pictures with that grungy feel.


 One of the roof tops

 A little Roof Top Garden