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Tuesday, 12 December 2017

La Vie, Winter

La Vie 
Winter edition

Rated: M for Moderate

My Home Away From Home

So to those of you who know me, you know that La Vie holds its share of good memories for me.  It was a meeting place for my husband and I, the place where we married, Its the place i run to when i need to think, when i need to take family photos, It is my home away from home.

Life changes for all of us daily, people come and go, the work load on us is constantly easing then applying pressure, and much like the seasons we ourselves change.  La Vie is no different, Summer, Winter, Spring and Fall the changed the sim, keeping it fresh, beautiful and exciting.

La Vie never disappoints.  Make sure to use the windlight setting to take your photos and get that perfect winter glow.  Perfectly decorated you will find a  place to not only relax and hang out but the perfect place to capture any winter moment your looking for.

 You are welcome to rez poses here but please remember to take them when you leave and please no sex, no nudity or inappropriate attire.  Please be respectful of others and have a nice visit! 

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