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Saturday, 31 March 2018


Hoppy Easter

Easter Town

Even in Second life, I believe the holidays should be about family.  Its a time to toss aside the daily worries and cares, to have a little fun, and to be around the people who helped to make you who you are.  Its a time to show appreciation for what you have, even if what you have isn't much.  A time to laugh, to reminisce, maybe even get a little goofy because you know you are around the people who love you as is, and not for what you show the world.

I am truly blessed to have such family in second life.  People who realize that the fashion and the photography is just a part of me, and that beneath lays a geeky little country girl.  People who know how to pull the real me out from its shell and make her laugh like the goofy little girl she once was.
 Dad and I in the Peeps Race
 Dad and I Bunny Hopping
Free gift in Egg Hunt!

Now this review isn't my normal photographic sim, and as you can see I definitely wasn't my normal fashionable self, but I can honestly tell you, that I have not had this much fun in second life in a long time.

Dancing around the May Pole

Such a Colorful Town

Putting my Carrot into over drive

So with my Secondlife Father, who is one of my favorite people in the entire world, and my second life son, who is just a joyous little bundle of love, we equipped ourselves with some Easter Gear and head out to have fun, and OMG what fun we had.

Ok, so you arrive in Easter Town to a world of Color, music, spring, and just Joy.  Your eye doesn't know what to look at first because there is something to do everywhere and it looks like you've fallen into a Saturday Morning Cartoon.

This sim is kid friendly, in fact I encourage you to bring your children here, and there is endless play for adult and child alike.  Just remember adults, it is a family sim, so keep yourself covered and clean up your language in local please, don't ruin this for everyone!

Things to Do:
Eggboat rides....Photo Opts.....Peep Races (omg so fun).....Easter Egg Hunt (each egg is a prize)....Bunny Hop Group Dance....Egg Decorating contest (win massive Linden).....Hoppy Balls.....Carrot Cars....Photos with the Easter Bunny Tina.....Hot air balloon rides....and Jelly Bean Dance.  

There are also activities that aren't mention like some amazing Easter Shopping, and free prizes all over the place.

I can't remember the last time I had this much fun with people that I truly love and who truly love me.  I know for certain though that I don't want to wait till the next holiday to do it again!

P.S - To my Dad (pictured above) and to my son (not pictured) Thank you for being you, for loving me, and for making both of my worlds a much better place.  Happy Easter, I love you both.
To all my Readers, thank you for your continued support (We just broke 7000 Views!!!), and I wish you and yours and amazing Holiday!
Love always

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