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Tuesday, 31 July 2018

Baileys Norge

Baileys Norge

Photographers/Bloggers: Contact Zaffin resident (Zaffy Bailey) or JaidenBailey (Jaiden Bailey) for rez rights

I needed something to do today, something to distracted me and keep me engaged from thoughts racing around in my head.  So I took out my note card with the list of sim locations I've been told i must visit, scrolled through it quickly and teleported away, praying that it would be a good one, thankfully i was not disappointed.

I landed on the magical little sim of Bailys Norge and was instantly captivated with the endless photo opportunities it provided.  This little sim was inspired by the city Bergen in Norway, and was designed by the talented and lovely Zaffy Bailey.
"It contains some of the key elements from there, and some things are pure fantasy.  The FLØIBNANEN is an exact replica of the city's tram funicular going up to the mountains, and the colourful houses you see are called Bryggen....the docks or the harbours. they exist" Zaffy said

When asked why she decided to create the place to begin with she said "I didn't want to but my friends made me do it lol.  They wanted to live in Norway on SL"

The sim offers numerous couples locations with interactive objects through out the sim and a few perfect little cafe's to sit, all with a stunning mountain back drop and so much color blended into the scenery that your eye isn't certain where it wants to look first.

This is certainly the perfect sim to capture some amazing photos, to sit and think, or to hang out with friends.  Contact the names above to get rez rights to use your own poses or use the many that are available on the sim, either way, I'm willing to bet with Bailey's Norge, it is impossible to take a bad photo.

This sim doesn't just make my List here, it will certainly be added to my favorites and a sim I intend to keep visiting into the future.  A must see for EVERYONE!

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