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Monday, 17 October 2016

Corpsewood Haunted House

     Ok, this has been my favorite so far and sadly because of the nature of it I can't and won't show you too many pictures because i don't want to give away the game.  You show up at a spooky old manation to a sign which tells you how to play.  Basically you start the game and tour the house, touching everything you can in order to find the 5 clues that are hidden.  Each clue is a chapter in an amazing story (huge thumbs up to the writer) and in these clues one word is completely capitalized.  Get all five words and go back down to the board to give the secret message and win a prize.  This little hunt will scare you, offer you some great photo opts, and keep you deeply engaged in a fantastic story.  I loved every second of this tour through Corpsewood and encourage you all to add it to your list of MUST SEE PLACES!!!!  5 out of 5

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