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Tuesday, 11 October 2016

Hollow Gothly

"Haunted Silent Peacock Hotel"
Miss Penny Peacock has recently inherited the Silent Peacock Hotel. But little did her grandfathers will say anything about it being haunted.

     A phone call about an unexpected conference found me in the small town of Hollow Gothly much to late on a Monday night.  My assistant didn't inform me that she had tried 5 other hotels before finally finding a room available at the Peacock Hotel.  
So when I arrived I was expecting 5 star accommodations and the few from the outside was implying I wouldn't be disappointed.

I was a little startled by the outside d├ęcor, but then again its Halloween, and I know some people get excited about that.

Eager to get to my room and get a decent nights sleep I simply ignored it and made my way into the hotel.  A kind man behind the counter gave me a strange look when I arrived, as if I was out of my mind for being there, but it was late, and the hotel almost deathly quiet, so I assumed his attitude was merely to the fact I was interrupting his chance to laze off.

I noticed a maid on my way to the room attempting to do some sort of clean up.  I wish then I had of paid more attention but I didn't and simply avoided eye contact with the hired help and walked on by.  The smell of must came to me as I opened the room, decorated in antique furniture and looking like it hadn't been cleaned in some time, but I was so eager to sleep that I decided to complain in the morning.  The bed was hard as nails, making me toss and turn, till finally I gave up completely on sleep and decided to head down to the bar.

I headed to the church at first, when all the lights suddenly went out.  My heart racing in my chest, thankful I was in the middle of such a peaceful spot, I fumbled in my purse till I found the little flash light attached to my keychain.
The lights came back on to this and ................I can't lie, I was frozen in terror for a moment, watching this strange scene unfold in front of me before turning on my heel and getting the hell out of there.
I ran through the first set of doors I could find only to find the whole place had become some sort of horror show

With the lights still off, scrambling between floors to find my way, I manage to make it to the front door.  I didn't bother looking back, didn't bother to head to my room and gather my things.  Thankful I had my purse on me I ran out the door and down the road , waving down the nearest taxi and getting the hell away from there, leaving Hollow Gothly in the rearview mirror

Definite 5-5 stars

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