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Sunday, 30 October 2016

The Tale of the Upward Spiral

     It was Hallows eve and I stood in the door way awaiting the children who came every year seeking their treats of chocolate and candy.  In truth I had expected them to begin knocking a while ago, and with each passing hour I grew more concerned something was wrong with the evening when a single knock didn't arrive.  I decided to walk to the door and make sure that the Jack lantern was still lit, still inviting visitors to the door steps.
   The pumpkin still stood there with its little candle light flickering inside with the night wind.  Looking around I notice adults and children alike passing by the house in crowds, all eagerly looking up towards the hill while whispering softly to themselves.   I figured something must have happened and since trick or treaters weren't tying me to the house I decided to go out on a quest to see what was keeping them.

      I followed the crowd with camera in hand, stopping every now and then to capture the crowd I was following, not recognizing any of the faces beneath the masks.  We walked for a few moments before we came across a little carnival.
      A woman instantly called out to me begging me to come to her table which was filled with cards and crystals.  She wanted to read my fortune and I ever the sceptic was eager to prove her wrong. 

       She droned on and on about the stars and the planets till I was certain I would fall asleep but her finally words made me lift my head before bursting into laughter.  "The doctor will receive the secret to eternal life".  Shaking my head I walked away, stopping to look at vendors who sold their wares and the creepy sound of carnival music before ushering us back up the hill.

        I bought a mask to keep myself in the spirt and began to walk again, stopping to take pictures every now and then of some of the amazing costumes I noticed along the way.
      I in fact got so caught up in this that at one point I lifted my head to find that I had lost my crowd
      Thankfully another person in an amazing costume stopped to point out the direction and begun my journey up the hill again
I was surprised when we finally stopped to see a large group gathered around an old house.  They simply stood and stared at its darkened windows like deer standing before  a car steering into headlights.
I pushed myself past, determined to find out what had driven us all here.  not in the slightest filled with the same awe and admiration of the crowd I followed I pushed past the door and began to explore the house that seemed to be abandoned.
The house was creepy, that was a given, and it looked like no one had lived there in years, dust covered everything, and the walls seemed to drip with a red rusty material that I could only assume came from the upstairs pipes that lay just below the floor.  I toured room after room filled with creepy old objects, cobwebs, and thought to myself how it felt like I was in the middle of a horror movie.  It was only when I approached the desk at the back of the house and saw the journals sitting there that my interest was truly peeked.  I opened one and skimmed over the old calligraphy type script, reading what seemed to be someones attempt at re-writing Frankenstein without the talent of Mary  Shelly.  Sighing I set the book down, the dust making me sneeze and my head spin.  Laying my head  down against the table for the briefest of moments I wonder what this all could mean.

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