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Sunday, 30 October 2016

Cedar Creek

     So the other day I was contacted by an acquaintance who use to run a sim I lived on that had sadly closed.  He informed me that he was creating a new rp/residential sim and was wondering if I would like to come see.  Ever the sceptic and already having a home paid for a month in advance, I agreed to a visit with no intent of moving, merely to show support.

      His Landmark instantly had me arriving in a small room.  I couldn't help but notice right away that there was pictures for the Fire department, Police department and City, and if any of you know me you can only imagine the tsk from not seeing a medical department.
      I was pleased to see so many admin, one of the things I've always found troubling about any small rp or residential sim was that there never seemed to be people actually on to help when you needed help.  Small sims tend to keep a small amount of admins unlike bigger rp sims.
       We touch the mirror to transport down and have a complete Alice in Wonderland moment before we are transported down to the sim its self.  When you're in this room don't forget to look at the pictures , you will be surprised to see when you arrive in Cedar Creek that it really is as beautiful as the pictures depict.

       This is the view you arrive to, a snowy little town just awaiting the adventures brought to it with Rp.  I begin to explore and am pleasantly surprised by some of the things I find.
      My first stop was the Drunken Beaver.  Now maybe i'm partial by being Canadian, but how can you not want to tell your friends "i'm just hanging out at the DB" or "getting something warm at the Bever"  The puns seem too endless to me and I can't wait to begin using them in this rp adventure.
The "business" area of this sim is still waiting for renters, but the DB, a dance studio, and a store already exists.

      The police station and Fire department are fully stocked to the point that I can't wait to see what adventures come about from it.  I can't imagine with so many police cars in a small town what someone would be able to get away with, but I can't wait to see the person that trys.
       I couldn't help but take this picture.  A lot of sims don't include a church, and its not often used in rp but i'm really happy to see this sim did, and I find the build of this church beautiful.
       Local Garage, don't forget before you drive those cars to stop by your local DMV and get your license.

      Housing is stunning and some places are still available at a fantastic price.  The average being 1200 Linden for 500 Prim.

       So in conclusion to this little visit?  They now have a beautifully equipped medical clinic open not only to the residents of Cedar Creek but all who wish to visit and I am proud to now call this sim home.  Come rp with us, Come visit our little town, and I've no doubt you'll be calling it home as well.  A definite 5 out of 5, cause really, would I live on anything less?
Cedar Creek Medical Clinic


Drivers License Application:

License Plate Application:

Have you ever wanted to work within the community? Well we are always hiring! Below are all the locations you can apply for and work and really be apart of the community.
- Police Office -􀀁
- Fire Department -􀀀
- Clinic
- Event's Manager - (Contact an EM)
- For other jobs check renter owned shops/ restaurants and see if they are hiring for Role Play employees.

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