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Wednesday, 14 February 2018



Rated: M for Moderate

      Normally I begin these little blog posts with a great literary quote, some epic song lyrics, or some personal insight on my life and my mind in the moment.  Today though, I simply want to speak about Anduril.

      From the moment your pixelated feet step foot on this sim you get the sense that you have walked into something magical, something special, and Anduril does not fail to live up to this.

      Set your settings to the regions windlights to begin taking your photos, I promise you it will not disappoint.  I am certain it is impossible to take a bad photo on this sim if you follow their guidance.

      Every inch of this sim is so perfectly blended and decorated that you can't help but want to take a picture of everything and completely loose yourself exploring the magic that makes it up.  I spend hours simply shooting on this sim and the photos you see have been cropped and softened but no other enhancements have been used besides repositioning the position of the sun.  It is rare that I step into a sim and come away with little edits to do on the photos, but again, this is the magic that is Anduril.

      That said I can safely say this is by far the most favorite of all the sims I've visited to date and certainly one I will be back to visit and take my own personal photos.  It is a MUST for everyone, but especially the lovers of second life photograpy.

    Don't forget to post your own photos of this amazing sim to there flicker group above and also to the Second life Tourist flicker group, to let me know if you agree that this place is amazing.

Thank you DeadDollz for making all my fashion
dreams come true!

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