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Tuesday, 13 February 2018

Delicatessen, Tell me a Story

Delicatessen - Tell Me A Story

Rated : M for Moderate

Owner : Meilo (meilo.minotaur)

Have you ever stopped and wondered what it would be like if Dr Seuss, Tim Burton and Steven King all got together for one big mind meld?  Have you ever wondered what that combination could produce?  Worry no longer and allow me to introduce you to Delicatessen.

    Created by Owner Meilo.Minotaur, He invites those who visit to tell him a story about the image laid before you.  The scenery has a very Tim Burton like feel, and I must admit I instantly fell in love with the trees and the feeling they gave of you walking into a charcoal drawing.

   The characters that fill the tiny space remind me of my youth and my huge Dr Seuss Collection, ripe with imagination.

             Yet amazingly there is something familiar about the place that gives you the impression of not landing in a different world completely just another time or another realm.

     Yet the darker imagery gives you the feeling of walking somewhere between a dream and a nightmare about to begin.

     The sim is fuel for the imagination and much like the owner I would adore to here about the stories it inspires for you all.  Definitely worth a visit, I myself will be back to write my own story. 

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