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Tuesday, 1 May 2018

Thank You

Labor of Love

I was walking home from school with my 10 year old son yesterday,  talking when the convo took a turn.  It went a little something like this:

Him: "Momma you are so busy"

Me: "not to busy for you"

Him: "I mean you take care of Nanna and Papa, you take care of me and the people at the hospital, You go to work, You work at the school and you take classes" He shakes his little head "YOUR BUSY, does that bug you? I think it would bug me to have so much stuff to do"

What I explained to him is that somethings are errands, things we MUST do even if we don't like doing it.  I HAVE to get up to take the dog out when he crys even if i'm really comfy because the alternative is cleaning up pee from the floor.  I HAVE to go pay the bills, get groceries, put gas in the care, etc.  I then explained that things like taking care of him, being active in his school, taking care of my mom and dad, even going to my job, was a complete labor of love.  Yes they took a great deal out of me, yes there were days they left me exhausted, but I loved doing them and would never ever want to stop.

This little blog has been a complete labor of love!  I have enjoyed my travels around second life, I love being able to share with you all the beauty I find throughout it, and I'm so happy that so many of you continue looking towards this little blog as your destination guide.  Thank you for allowing me to continue doing what I love and encouraging me to continue doing so.

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