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Monday, 30 April 2018

Serendipitous Sands

Serendipitous Sands
Rated M for Moderate

Life is a beach!

Today I took the day off and decided to dip my virtual toes in the white sandy beaches of Serendipitous Sands.  The description of the place promised that besides being a rental location, that it offered a great place for photos.  Not one to resist the beach or a bikini it was all the invitation I needed. 

Something I have noticed in my travels is that there are sims that are put together with little effort and little expense, and then there is a photographers sim.  A sim that is designed with the only care being fore the quality and beauty of the place they are creating.  Though not very big, and with part of its land occupied with private homes, this sim definitely offers the above.

This sim is the perfect location for scenery shots with its beautiful textures and simply stunning decorating, as well as being an amazing place to use as a back drop as it offers numerous interactive objects.

Make sure to keep your eyes wide open while exploring the sim otherwise you can miss a million tiny little details that make this sim as beautiful as it is.

Perfectly kept to theme, you truly feel like you have landed on a tropical Island where life is completely perfect.  Even though it took me no time at all to tour the public areas, I could have easily spent all day there just taking photos.
The windlightings are set beautifully but feel free to play with your own lighting to capture that perfect picture.

Visit alone for some peaceful time, visit to take photos, or simply to hang out with some friends.  Either way, this sim is perfect for any occasion and has definitely made its way into my Must Keep list of Landmarks.

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