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Saturday, 28 April 2018

Who Doesn't want Cake???


Rated: M for Moderate

"Photographers, bloggers, vloggers, artists, dreamers and lovers welcome."

So I found this little sim located in the middle of no where.  A place promising to have been created by photographers for photographers.

A sweet little sim that centers around the mystic and fairy tale like, it offers no windsight settings so play around with your light settings to find what works best for you

You will love that there are so many interactive objects.  Bring your own poses to take pictures in the vast fields of flowers or use the objects scattered about 

My only complaint about the sim is that there is so many interactive objects that its hard to capture a picture without capturing something else in the back ground that may no go with the theme you are trying to capture.

example: this giant snail!  Though adorably cute, I could keep seeing him in some of my pictures, for example one I was trying to take of her setting out laundry.  Needless to say, I didn't get the picture I wanted.

My favorite part of this sim was the flowers, bright and colorful, scattered throughout the sim, you can almost smell them they look so real and beautiful.

I would definitely put this on your must visit list, and you are definitely going to capture at least a few photos you end up loving.

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