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Thursday, 28 September 2017

Hello Kekeland

Bardeco & Kekeland

Rated Moderate

Group Key: fb2a6a59-9653-cee5-9ff0-af0944d1061d

Welcome to the stunning land of Bardeco & Kekeland.  This tiny island is a photographers paradise!  The moment you land your eye simply doesn't know where to go to first, filled with different themes that somehow blend seamlessly this is a stunning location to simply take photos of scenery or to jump on the many animated objects and take some great photos of self. 

The region lighting is beautiful for scenery but a little on the dark side for portraits.  So don't forget to take a great face light or readjust those settings.  

The sim provides numerous places from pictures as simple as selfies to some great locations for Wedding shoots.

This Sim is a definite recommend to everyone, and please, don't forget to donate to help keep this amazing place open.  Hope you enjoy the photos!

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