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Sunday, 17 September 2017

Vipers Haunted Halloween

Vipers Haunted Halloween

 Temptation Paradise Falls (34,235,2112) 

     Before touring your way through this sim make sure to take their directions given at the start.  Set your windlight settings to default, grab the flashlight, and have fun.  This Sim certainly isn't like the others I have visited in which every inch is detailed and begging for a photograph, but i wanted to add this spot in here for one reason.............I actually had fun on it!!!!  It reminded me of the small town fairs we use to have when i was a little girl in the fall..........complete with the way to fat dude in the food truck!

     I wouldn't really call this a photographic sim, its more of a family/friend/hang out and have fun sim.  There are rides and games to be played, and the "scary" isn't overly scary so its a great place to take those second life children.  I ended up seeing a few of my favorite rides from my childhood and as i rode on them i could feel that familiar sensation of wanting to vomit.........yeah thats why i gave them up, I remember now!

     If your with a group and just want to hang out and have some laughs, definitely recommend this place.  Don't forget to Take a land mark to pass around and as always to donate to help keep these sims open!

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