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Tuesday, 26 September 2017

The Romance of Ariadne Mountain and Adventure

The Romance of Ariadne Mountain and Adventure

     Some of you who read this blog know me as an rp'er (God help you if you do) and some know me as who i am ooc.  In either form i'm blunt, a tad crude with my humor, overly sarcastic (some say bitchy especially IC), and you would never say i was much of the romantic type.  I usually know what i want, and tend to attack in my need to go after it.

     Why am i telling you this?  Well, when i landed on this sim the LM took me to a little hut, barely decorated, with only a view of water from its windows, and i was that person above.  Instantly making assessments of what i thought the place before me was going to be like.  Now visiting Sim's normally doesn't trigger and emotional response from me.  Its normally what you see is what you get, and i judge by what i see.  I Can honestly say though that this was the first time a sim triggered and emotional response out of me.

      For the pictures below i left the settings as determined by the region, finding them perfect for the stunning beach scenery.

      This is the view you walk out to, a stunning romantic oasis on the beach.  Now i've seen beaches before, toured romantic locations, some of them more artistically done then this sim, some of them less. It was this that triggered the emotional response from me, it was the combination of everything the owner/decorator had on sim.  It's hard to explain without making me sound romantic and dreamy, but in fact that is just what this sim did to me.  It was a compilation of everything i hoped for myself in sl, and had me seriously thinking of what i wanted for my future here.  (theres a man somewhere whos testicles just shriveled up inside reading that sentence...........see what i mean by the crude?)

This beautiful romantic theme is carried through out the Sim, but evolves the same way a relationship does, starting simple with some beach sits and leading to more romantic dance areas and romantic places to cuddle and watch a sun set.  It then evolves even further to a stunning water play ground for the kids which instantly had me envisioning a family

     The children's area tends to stay in the middle with places to sit for Mom and Dad surrounding the area, making a perfect place to watch the children play while Mom and Dad steal a moment.  Everything is done for AV children and not Zooby or any other prim baby.  The sim also provides a bowling alley hidden in one of the caves.

 Touring the caves below will lead you to these amazingly decorated locations, with some fantastic themes.  A butterfly garden, a zen garden, and much much more.  Great for photos or just some exploring time with your family.

      Now this one is just for the truly romantic at heart.  Up on the mountains you'll find this little location

     Breathtakingly romantic and hanging over the ocean it is the perfect spot for a purposal, and of course, since this place inspire my mushy romantic mood i couldn't resist putting on a dress and snapping some pictures of my own.

     This Sim was a truly lovely experience, and one i will be visiting often to think and reflect on whats important to me.  And yes, there will more then likely be more pictures of wedding dresses, lol.  As always don't forget to donate so that we can keep these amazing places open, and enjoy.

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