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Tuesday, 19 September 2017

The Good Life


     An urban, post apocalyptic sim that begs to be hung out it.  Littered with adult nooks and crannies throughout.  Before wondering through the Sim please make sure to take a copy of the rules at the dock where you land.  The rules are mostly common sense but please be sure to give a read through. By leaving the landing area you are stating that you have read, agreed and understand the rules.

      This is an adult sim so they are requesting that no Child-Av's, baby's, teens or any young looking Av's or non human Av's be permitted, though if you are the latter the rules state you can contact Sim management for permission.  Any breaking of the above will be reported to Linden Lab and result in being banned!

     The Sim also offers a dungeon that hasn't been reviewed here today but is truly amazing and should be visited if you enjoy public play.   It is currently free but soon will only be available to rent by the hour.  Voice at this time is not encouraged as the dungeon is considered part of the main sim.  Keep your eye on our blog for future review of the Dungeon soon.

    So, the Good Life as i stated above is an urban, decaying sim.  The moment you walk in your enter littered streets, garbage, and flooded areas.

      The Sim offers area with adult animations in them and is adult rated, so don't be afraid to "enjoy" the area to its full extent.

       Even among the grunge you can't help but look adorable in this cheer leading uniform from Reign's Nosebleed Gotcha and the rare hair from Besom which is in the same gotcha located at Reign's main store.

      Every inch of this place is decorated to the nines, an amazing place to take pictures with that grungy feel.


 One of the roof tops

 A little Roof Top Garden

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