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Wednesday, 20 September 2017

Dystopia // Carnage City

Dystopia // Carnage City

Today i set out on an adventure to the land of Dystopia//Carnage City.  This massive sim is post apocalyptic, flooded city.  It offers a wide rage of  Locations and themes to take your pictures in while tying it all into its end of the world theme.

The landing point brings you to a wooded area.  You will see here a board to become a member of the Dystopia group as well as a cash pig sitting in the corner to donate to the sim.

While touring the sim you will see items such as this garbage can pictured above.  Click on these to be teleported around the sim as well as to some great hidden locations.  Don't forget to give yourself LOTS of time if you are intending on touring this whole sim for it is HUGE.

Today's 50's Costume

Hair: Oleander Tegan Natural Tones

Glasses: C L A Vv Summer Shades Leapord

Shoes: A N E Sunny Slide Sandal Mule in yellow

Shirt: BE {Good Golly Miss Molly} Top 3

Skirt: BE {Good Golly Miss Molly } Skirt 4

I did find that the Sim posed a few problems.  It was laggy but that could have just been me, and there were area's where land was coming through the buildings.

Over all though the Sim provided dozens of buildings to walk into and tour, all decorated and ready for pictures.  The Sim is definitely worth a visit no matter what pictures your taking.

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