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Friday, 29 September 2017

Phabolaois Stran

Phabolaois Stran

     You land in a beat up old shack to see rain pouring from outside and what seems like an ocean of water surrounding you.  You instantly feel like you've been transported to Noah's arch and it is the end of the world.............start grabbing your animals.

     At first it seems like you landed in a land of nothing but vast beaches, but you would be amazed at the stunning scenery this sim has to explore.  Considering the sim fit my mood it was good to walk through the rain exploring what this place had to offer.

     Every little alcove of this place offered something else to look at.  Make sure to bring your poses as the place offers little in animations.  I also found the region setting very dark so don't be afraid to play with the light settings to capture that perfect moment.

     Over all i adored my adventure on this sim and suggest it for anyone looking to capture pictures in a location thats different from the rest.  As always don't forget to donate to help keep these places open.


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