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Monday, 18 September 2017

Labyrinth of Darkness

Labyrinth of Darkness

     My adventure begins today with me arriving ready to clean in the Labyrinth of Darkness.  When i first landed I was surprised!  The friend who went here before me said I shouldn't take the job cleaning the houses here, stating that the whole town was "creepy" but i was delighted to see myself arriving to a beautiful flower garden and cobble stone walk ways.

.:Almamiranda:. Maid Costume
Truth VIP: August

     The pathway soon changed before me, the tree tops suddenly seeming to swallow up the sun.  So much so that the trees seemed to droop and look darker and more deadly.  I still managed to find the courage to continue you till I found myself in a town filled with Victorian houses. 

     I arrived at the first house and was greeted by a strange looking woman and her doll collection.  I have to say, the porcelain faces and beady eyes soon let me know what my friend was talking about, something was strangely off about this town!  Not to mention the dust i could see hanging off every doll face let me know that whatever was in the house, was going to need more cleaning then i came prepared for!

     The old woman despite her odd collections was very sweet and invited me in for tea and cupcakes.  I don't know if something was in that coffee i drank before work, or perhaps it was merely a trick of the eye, but i soon found myself running from the woman's home and towards my next appointment, hoping never to lay eyes on that woman or her home again.

     Thankfully the houses are close together and i quickly ran towards the next home hoping to seek sanctuary.  An old man answered the door and invited me in, happily informing me that he was in fact my next cleaning appointment.  He advised me his wife, a painter, was doing renovations in the house and currently out for the day, but had left quite a mess for me around the house.

     I know he said it was just paint........................but something seemed strangely off about the mess.  Maybe it was the strange metallic scent in the air, or the "special" paint his wife used that made it sticky against my fingers.  The sight of the bathroom alone where she cleaned her brushes was enough to make me want to grab my cleaners and leave!  Seriously who uses that much special red pain and cleans there brushes in the tub and toilet?

     The task of cleaning this wife's mess left me completely exhausted, and i quickly caught a moment to sit and catch my breath, thankfully the man didn't ask me to clean that as well, because it looked liked no one had sat on that sofa in years.  

     My next job had me cleaning for the gentlemen's club.  They must have been having some weird costume party because every face looked just the same.  The place was a disgusting mess, but the men seemed amused to keep to themselves.

     I had to take a break between these crazy appointments and think of some of the things i was seeing tonight, even the sky looked strange and threatening.

     My next appointment was suppose to be for a young woman named Rosemary.  I arrived at the door to find it wide open, and after calling her name a few times and receiving no reply, i walked in in search of her.  No one was there, and even the crib for her baby, who i was suppose to watch, was empty.  After a search of the house, and finding some things that left me with an awful feeling in the pit of my stomach, I ran out of the house.

     Over all a great sim to walk through, bring your own poses as not alot of items are interactive.  I really enjoyed my time here and every single home is decorated and ready to tour.  As always, don't forget to donate to encourage these sims to stay open for us!

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