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Sunday, 15 October 2017

Cann!bal !sland

Cann!bal !sland

     So i logged on to Sl today with little to do and feeling kind of .......blah.  you know that feeling don't you?  Where everything seems boring and doing nothing is boring, and you have no idea what to do with yourself.  I had slept too long today thanks to a lung infection in rl keeping me up all night coughing, and i just couldn't seem to get my mind into the game today.

     So I was sitting around, contemplating logging off and going back to bed,  when i decided that i'd check out a sim first.  I recalled someone giving me a LM for a beach and telling me I had to check it out.  Now, I live next to the Ocean in rl, and its a real love of mine.  There is something majestic and relaxing about the waves rushing to shore, the feel of the beach, the sound of the gulls, its just a stunning place to be so the thought of checking out a beach today seemed to call me.

     The sim with the same that is less then appealing promised me a beautiful beach where you could surf, fish, boat, play soccer or chess and offered a stunning location for photographs.  How could I refuse?

     When you first arrive you are greeted with 3 places to TP to all with the beach theme, one being the location for rentals.  (which btw, 2000 prims for like 1800 a HELL of a deal).  So the first sim is just a romantic photographic sim and the second offers the activities, so it all depends on what type of mood you're in.  I will tell you this, the sim...............well you'll see, it speaks for its self , but it is truly stunning and all done in the Hawaiian theme.


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