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Monday, 23 October 2017

Heritage Boardwalk

The Heritage Boardwalk

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I want a family!  This isn't some new revelation to me.  In real life, when i was younger, kids around me were dreaming of doctors and lawyers.  I on the other hand was planning how many children I would one day have and what i wanted their names to be.  I was meant to me a mother, to love and nurture.  Thankfully Real life saw fit to bless me with a beautiful little boy who is the center of my entire world.  Sadly Real Life saw fit to only allow me the one.

I devote every moment of my real life to raising my son to the best of my ability, part of being that mother means letting go and giving him space as he ages.  It is bitter sweet to see myself suddenly at a point where he is in need of me much less.  Thankfully second life is a place of making dreams and fantasy come true.  you can fly should you choose, be the prettiest, the richest, the best dressed, or you could have the large family you have always dreamed of.

This is what brought me to heritage.  You see I had had a daughter in second life before.  A beautiful little girl inside and out who i loved with all of me, every bit as much as I did my real life son.  She became part of me and I cherished every moment with her.  When real life called her away and she left second life behind the feelings were bitter sweet.  I wished her the best, because after all isn't that what real love is?  And at the same time i hurt as if I had lost a real life child.  I wept, I desired to be alone with my pain and i longed for days past.  The last thing I wanted to think about was having another child in my second life.

As they say, Time heals all wounds, and once more i feel that familiar longing to share my life and my time with someone who will cherish and need that love.  To once more experience a special connection that comes from nurturing and caring for someone.  So i arrived at the famous Heritage Adoptions to put in my application and to search the board for a child looking for someone like me.

After filling out the paper work, my heart once more full of hope for what may come, i decided to explore the surrounding area.   Described as a hangout for Kids and Family in the land description, I wondered into this children's wonderland to take some pictures beginning with the Heritage Boardwalk.

Ok well Technically beginning with Cotton Candy but you get the idea.

Here is what the land description doesn't tell you.  Yes it is a perfect hang out for the family but fair warning adults.  This place is instantly going to transport you back to being a kid yourself.  I couldn't help rushing from building to building, squealing with delight when i found the Ice cream parlor with its ice cream cone seats, or once more when i found the Ferris wheel and cotton candy!

 Bowling for the family
 The boardwalk
OMG i LOVE this Ice cream Parlor

   The sim does offer a nice family sit down restaurant for indoor and outdoor dinning, a beauty parlor, a huge dance floor, boating and much much more for the adults to do while the children play.

But even in these "adult" places you can't help but get caught up in the magic of the place with such images as these towering around you.

Over all, completely stunning, beautifully decorated, photographically perfect and ready for some family fun.  A must visit for everyone, I can't wait to visit again as a family!

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