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Saturday, 7 October 2017

Talala's Diner

Tralala's Diner

Rated: M

Creator: Tralala Loordes

Sim Flickr

So my day started out with a picture followed by a message "the place isn't very big but OMG, is a post apoc residential sim, and all i did was turn on shaders"

The picture was amazing, taking by a photographer who i think is brilliant, but since hes my partner, i could be totally bias!

I knew by his reaction though that i had to check out this sim.  Rated M for Mature, the creator describes the sim as follows 
Post-Apocalyptic Living at It's Finest - Hong Kong Rooftop Slums, Tokyo Piss Alley, Backwoods Road, Deadlands, Scavenged Ruins, Cat Sanctuary,  Outdoor Movie, Apocalypse, Asian, Photo Op 

When I arrived i can honestly say my eyes didn't know where to settle first.  Every inch is decorated and not matter where you turn something is capturing you eye.  I swear you would never know this was a small sim because every inch  seems to offer another object with animations or such a great set up that it begs to have a photo taken of it.  I easily wandered for over and hour, and i'm still certain that i didn't see everything.  Over all a FANTASIC little sim well worth visiting!

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