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Tuesday, 24 October 2017

Twerk Paradiso

Twerk Paradiso

Rated: A for Adult

Owner: Erovi

So i logged into flicker today and saw a stunning picture taken by someone i follow.  Most look to the person in they picture, their outfit, their face.  I on the other hand couldn't take my eyes off the back ground.  So after doing a little research i found out where the photo was taken and my travels brought me to Twerk Paradiso.

Now from what I could gather, this little slice of heaven is a privately owned homestead which as been opened to the public by its generous owner but only for the autumn season.  Of course that had me looking up the owner who I ended up finding out is co owner for Caboodle (see yesterdays blog where i am wearing a stunning outfit and wings made by them)

The sim is well worth the visit.  Its stunningly beautiful with all of its autumn colors and almost everywhere you turn there is another interactive object.  The sim wasn't so overly decorated that it was laggy but decorated enough that no matter how you turned there was a picture perfect opportunity.  I took numerous pictures and even I didn't capture the magic or every corner of the homestead.

Every inch of the sim is done to theme so that you truly feel like you are transported to some beautiful autumn destination.  The only thing on the sim that I didn't quiet understand is that every now and then you would see an oddly placed object that prevented you from taking pictures in the area or seemed strangely out of place with the theme.  For example this guy in the middle of the gazebo.

Don't really get this guys placement

Over all it was a stunningly beautiful sim and definitely one I will be back to visit before the end of the season.  It is rated adult but still a perfect place for a family photo.

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