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Thursday, 5 October 2017


The mill

Rated: M

You arrive at this sim surrounded it seems , by everything beautiful about fall.  A multitude of peaceful colors fill the trees and sky , and you can almost smell the fresh, crisp air.  The sim itself is a delight to walk through, crys out to have pictures taken in it, and just gives you a sense of calm and peace when your in it.

Maxie and Shakes Mill own this sim and have opened it to the public.  Rated M it is a welcomed place for photographers and families.  Of course with this rating there is no nudity, sex, weapons, or violence allowed.

The creators have done a splendid job of keeping the whole place in theme and you truly feel like your strolling along some English country side.  I have put this place among my favorites and suggest you all do as well.

     I never thought visiting here that it would become a place of memories, of new beginnings, of hope, of understanding.  By the time i left this place and after a very long conversation i had a new direction set before me and some very clear goals.  When i arrived at this place my heart was heavy with the weight of some very personal decisions, by pain of words spoken and unable to be taken back.  By the end of my tour of the sim i had my answers, things were forgiven, and i had a clear understanding not only of how i felt, but how others felt around me.  This Sim now not only holds a place as a favorite to take pictures but now holds what will one day be a dear memory.

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