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Monday, 23 October 2017



Rated: General

Owner: muddpuddles inc

Size: full Region

Skin: DeeTalez Maggie
Eyes: Lb Human Brown
Maitreya body
Catwa Head Sofia
Hair:Tableau Vivant Hairplay down blow in Reds
Crown: Tableau Vivant Starry Night
Shoes: *RE* Era Boots Rare
Outfit: Caboodle Fae Dress
Caboodle Fae Wings
.:EMO-tions..*ELBENSOUL* circlet golden/green rare

I can't remember the last time i was this excited to edit pictures or to write a post!  Sounds funny even to me considering i only arrived at this place looking to decorate a child's room.  Home of the famous children's furniture designer MuddPuddles, i was instantly captured from the moment i landed.  I looked around quickly, took a landmark, and promised myself i would come back with more time and my camera ready, especially since there was also a haunted house with a hunt!  Well TODAY was that day!!

So we are going to kind of work this post differently.  normally i talk about the landing point given and take you through me seeing the place for the first time.  This time we are going to begin reviewing the sim when i arrived for day too and work myself back to the store front.  So, Lets begin our tour with the haunted house!!!

Its hard to believe but November first is fast approaching so you better get to this location.  You'll find the house big but not overly huge and all items are for baby/kid.  Make sure you bring your little ones with you because the items are non transferable!  Also make sure to get those hints, some of them were next to impossible to find without!

Outside the haunted house provides the perfect spot to take photos.  There is a few interactive objects available so bring some of your own poses.  Don't be afraid to play around with light settings either to get just the look you want, i found the region settings just not right for what i was looking for.

Every place has these &*%*ing Dolls.  They seriously creep me out in real life and in second life, and second life is a tad bit worse because some demented designer made so of them with heads that turn and eyes that follow you. (shivers) I know what i'll be having nightmares about tonight!

Pretty sure the creepy kid with the night filled the dude above.  Either way, Shes creepy as hell. With my hunt completed it was time to explore the rest of the fall inspired sim.  Stepping down the stairs from the haunted house will lead you to the barn where there is Everything you need to take the picture perfect fall picture.

And it gets even better, see those pumpkin patches??  Touch them to have a pumpkin delivered to you, but not any old pumpkin, pumpkins in different colors, different carvings, all made my Mudpuddles.  you can even click it more then once (I might have clicked it a dozen times) and receive a different pumpkin almost every time!  A perfect way for the whole family to get into the spirit of Halloween and carving the family pumpkin.

Me at the end of the day with all my Muddpuddle pumpkins in my yard!

Of course with all those animals there i had to capture a picture with a barn cat.  How cute are we?

And to keep myself in the Halloween spirit i captured these photos with my little voodoo doll.  (I swear honey i wasn't thinking of you......................................much while i was stabbing it, lol)  Over all the sim was a great experience and one i most certainly will go back to.  It was easy to maneuver through and there is so much more to it then the fall section i have shown you.  Visit for yourself to see the many little shops such as the record store and gym to capture your own amazing pictures.  And as always don't forget to donate to help keep the sim open, it is well worth the trip.

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