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Friday, 20 October 2017



Rated: G

Owned by : Linden Department of Public Works

There are a few sims that have been around for awhile, that have made themselves a tradition to visit during the Halloween season.  The Haunted Halloween Tour has become such a sim.  So, deciding this morning instead of searching for photographic sims, I decided that i would take a look at editor picks and quickly found this sim there.  So dawning the cutest Halloween costume ever, I headed there for my tour

 What I'm wearing:
Catwa Head - Sofia
Deetalez skin - Maggie
*PL* Love//lovesome nails 01
Tableau Vivant\\Braidy (curly) brown
Yummy love spell ring set gold
chicchica earings Gold
Amala - The lover Nose Stud
Bee Designs creepy cute toys voodo doll - girl
*RE** Lux Ti Amo Necklace
:V.e. Mademoiselle Tux Dress FLF Ghoul Graffiti
Fri.-Bea Heels Bats

Now Linden Department of Personal Works (now to be known in this blog as LDPW) is an organised team of resident builders, artists, scripters, who created content for use by Linden Lab and the Second Life community.  When you arrive at this destination you will see that there is a map in the middle, directing you to many different locations, follow the instructions to get to the Halloween Tour and simply walk through the portal.  You land in front of a huge mansion and see a coffin before you.  Jump on the coffin, and enjoy the ride.  Don't forget to set your lighting to region settings for the best and scariest view possible.

Now i have to admit, at first when the tour began i was a little disappointed.  I had been on the tour last year and as it went from its Nut House to its Poltergeist theme, i was sitting there thinking "this is the same as last year"  (keep reading people, i was happy to learn i was wrong!)

Now, as a horror movie fan, we have seen some outstanding Horror movies being made in the last 7 years, and also witnessed the Horror industry breaking into television with shows like American Horror Story, Scream Queens, and Bates Hotel.  We've seen remakes of Classics like IT (which still gives me the chills, God Georgie, not the storm drain) and The Evil Dead,  and some great new films like Creepy, and unfriended.  So I was a little disappointed when the first part of the tour was the same as last year and expected it to end soon after its Kudos to the poltergeist, I should have known better and was soon pleasantly surprised to see another story opening up before me.

Now because this is a new feature this year, i didn't want to take the element of surprise from anyone, so I took few pictures, but let me tell you this, it was wonderfully done and the clown is just as creepy.  Bravo Halloween Tour for growing and Adapting and thank you for another year with a great Halloween adventure.

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