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Sunday, 15 October 2017



This is my second year writing about this haunted tour.  With the Halloween season upon us there was no doubt in my mind that this was going to be another visit this year.  Trust me when i say, this isn't for the faint of heart or those without a strong stomach.

The Forgotten isn't merely a haunted tour, but a Horror full Sim who keep their enfisence on the horror.  This year they did not disappoint, if anything they majorly uped their game and the sim left me with my stomach doing flips due to some areas and I won't lie, It made me jump out of my seat in a few places too!

They do have a warning at the beginning of the sim to anyone with a seizure disorder, there is flashing lights and moving colors so please, take the warning.  As well they request that you lower down those scripts so that this amazingly detailed sim receives as much reduced lag as possible.  The Sim is scanned constantly by monitors would will eject if you are over 100 scripts and you will not be permitted back till you have lowered them.

Now this sim is a horror filled delight to walk through at your own pace, to take pictures and allow yourself to get into the whole horror filled Halloween spirit.  But if you really want a treat, grab some friends and head over to the sim at 6:30 pm slt to take the interactive haunt.  I won't say more then that because i truly don't want to take away from the element of surprise this sim builds and executes perfectly.

You will find as you look below that the pictures I've taken of this sim as well is relatively small and not containing a lot of the gory details the sim truly provides.  Again my reasoning for this is as above.  By giving away some of the gorier details i take away The Forgotten's element of surprise and it simply ruins the tour.

I will say this.....................I will be there next year when it opens its doors,and i truly believe this is THE BEST HAUNT in Second Life.  I am confident that anyone with a love or horror films and Halloween will truly enjoy what is not just a sim but a full out experience.  Bravo to The Forgotten Team, keep up the AMAZING work.  And to my readers, as always please don't forget to donate, this is a Sim we definitely need for many more years to come.

What was i Wearing?

LB- Human Eyes Deep Brown
Maitreya Mesh body - Lara
Catwa Head Sofia
DeetaleZ Maggie
Hair - Wasabi Clove mesh hair - Fudge
Fri. Millie Boots in Black Velvet
LazyBones - Mira strappy Belt Dress - Hands

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