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Wednesday, 20 September 2017



Owner: Lauren Bentham

The moment you land on the dock of this sim, you are instantly aware that you are in a "real" photographic sim.  Artistically decorated and so perfect to theme that you know instantly Lauren Bentham has somehow made Sim decorating an art form.

 arrival area

Every inch of sim is littered with something to draw your eye and to enhance your picture.  Making it hard not to find a place to take a picture, but impossible to choose just one place to capture that perfect picture.

The school House

 This time Lauren presents us with a decaying kind of ghost town which is perfect all year round but especially so at Halloween.  what i adore most is that she achieves this scene without all the typical Halloween type props. The woman has an amazing knack for taking the ordinary and mundane and arranging it so that it fits perfectly into the "horror" type image.

Poor little ducky

The areas wind light is set so perfectly for the sim that i found myself very rarely having to adjust light and shadows to get the imaging i wanted.  I was also pleased to see the addition of an almost sunken carnival to the sim as well that is certainly a must to see during this Halloween season.

Inside the carnaval

My witch Costume for the day


Infact Bentham has created such magic with this place that if I had one complaint it would be this.  I found myself capturing only two photos of myself because i was so caught up in taking pictures of the sim its self.

The Church and Graveyard

Though I can't say the object were original or that they hand't been seen before on other sims, the place is so artistically arranged that you find yourself looking at everything as if it is all new.  The whole sim a story waiting for its reader.

Inside the children's room

Just hanging around

Upstairs in the Mansion

In the mansion

I have reviewed one of Bentham's sims in the past (see Everwinter) and after seeing this sim I can honestly say that she has succeeded in creating what I've come to expect from her, another flawless Sim, true to theme and a photographers dream.

fire fire, hearts desire, never ever play with fire

Now i know i always say this part..........but i truly mean it in this case!!  Please don't forget to donate, this is one sim that would be a great lost if it couldn't continue to operate.  Thank you Lauren Bentham for your vision and artistic talent, i truly look forward to visiting more of your sims.

 Don't forget to reach out to me here or online at Belladochas Minoptra to tell me about a sim you think i should visit or to share your photo experience!

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