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Thursday, 21 September 2017



When you take the land mark above you will find that you land at a rundown drive in, in the middle of a more family orientated sim.  At first its older building style and lack of decorations made me want to turn and go find another photographic sim.  Instead though i decided to take a walk through and see what this sim had to offer and was actually pleasantly surprised.

Movie Theatre

I was pleased to see so many little features that were loaded with animations and photo ready.  You'll see when arriving at the drive in that at the ticket booth there is a teleporter.  Click on it to be taken to 4 different locations that are ready for pictures.  

Location 1 : Dead House

careful, there are traps throughout this dead house

Location 2 Motel / Garage

The Garage in this area offers a few naughty poses for the adventurous adult, as well each room in the motel is furnished and ready for picture or play.  You'll also find some random pose balls around to Capture some great photos

Dress: Moon Exlixir Rose Breeze Dress
Shoes: A N E Sunny Slide Mules in Pearl
Hair: Truth VIP September (Athena)

 You will also find that one of the rooms in the motel has its own photo booth with some great poses as well

Location 3 The Skate Park

I really loved this location!  The art on the walls, and the fact that you can click the ramp and get a skate board.  There are lots of pose balls here as well to take some great photos alone or with friends.

Location 4 The Bridge

Over all i was pleasantly surprised and really enjoyed my little photo trip through this place.  Certainly worth visiting to capture some pictures.

Oh, and don't forget to get your fortune read, mine was as follows:

"Death, the One appointment we all must keep, and for which no time is set"

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