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Sunday, 17 September 2017

Welcome to EverWinter


Owner : Miss Lauren Bentham

Rated: Moderate

       Ok, let me start by saying this first of all,  WTF is up with the rabbits?  Please, if someone from EverWinter could contact me and explain how this fit in with the theme of the Sim i would be so delightfully happy because my usually warped mind just completely doesn't get it!  Ok with that little bit out of the way..........LOL, let me take you on a tour of this Sim.

     The LM to this sim has me landing in a decaying urban street (with bunnies!).  The moment i land its easy to see the many photo opportunities.  Though the street doesn't provide many interactive objects, it is the perfect setting to snap some pictures with some poses of your own, also don't forget to duck into the bar and snap some pictures there, the neon signs have some sayings that are definitely picture worth.

     Now as you are walking down this Street and around the pit fires and garbage that scatters the road, you'll also notice some creepy freaking children and some children's items  I actually have to give applause to the creator, I barely glanced at the first child on the street, but as i entered the carnival that the street leads to I began to notice children everywhere, and hidden in odd places.  This is a theme the creature carried throughout the sim.  At first i found it puzzling, but as you go through it begins to paint a story of a town abandoned by adults, obviously due to some disaster, and left to the children who have some how adapted.  make sure to stop and read the writings found throughout, even they help to paint the picture of creepy little children gone wild and mad.

          The whole sim has that feeling of Apocalypse, wastelands, and a desperate need for survival.  The carnival which is the center of the whole down doesn't fail to live up to that description.  It has numerous interactive objects and with the right lighting the place begs to have you take pictures in it.  The creator of the sim has let no area untouched by some small detail that helps to add to the story and the scenery

     Ok so we all know i have a bit of a fetish for these Halloween sims.  I love getting dressed up and visiting them, I love taking crazy poses with blood and gore, and I've one or twice have even taken a couple of sexy shots while in a creepy environment.  Never though have I gone to one on a date to make out, and where i to, it certainly wouldn't be on one filled with so many children (i don't care if they are dead or alive) watching.  So while i'm touring this sim i see a theater and of course approach.  I'm in there snapping pictures for a good 30 minutes before i notice that there is a couple making out in all the pictures i'm taking!  There they are sitting in the moon seat, creepy children all around them, kissing up a storm, so much so that they didn't even bother to answer when i contacted them to ask if I could take their picture.  LOL

       Now i myself have never been so enticed by someone to make out in front of creepy children, maybe its just me, but this couple must have had some mad passion for eachother to forget about the scenery.

    Once you leave the theater you can take the exit to the docks, which brings you out to fog rolling off the water, more creepy kids, and some ship wrecked boats.  All in all the Sim, altho small, paints a fantastic story where the creator has gone out of his/her way to fill every last inch with detail.  Definitely a place i will be revisiting to take more pictures.  I encourage everyone to visit and as always don't forget to leave a donation to help keep these amazing places open.

PS> I visited the theater an hour later as i was leaving the sim

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