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Friday, 29 September 2017

Heightened Passion National Forest

Heightened passion National Forest

Rating : Adult

This beautiful sim is stunning from the moment you land.  You are surrounded by a wide arrangement of colors in a forest full of wild life, waterfalls and camping spots.  Its a wonderous place to come to fish, hike, dance or simply think.

Rarely do i take up a review with thoughts or reflections about my personal life, but then again today wasn't an average sort of day.  Today i wasn't merely searching for a sim to take photos of, but desperately needed a quiet place to hide away, to think, to shed a few tears and to reflect.  The beauty of the sim made it so easy to relax and simply focus on myself for a few moments.

      When you land you find yourself among an arrangement of gears and washers floating in the air between portals.  I admit, gorgeous as the scene is i didn't quite understand its placement along the forest, but it doesn't make for a stunning picture opportunity.

     With dozens of places to capture your perfect moment this sim offers appeal to everyone, and currently has a Haunted House available for Halloween that must be explored.

     Now as i stated above, today wasn't the best of days for me.  As I walked through the sim, allowing the beauty to distract me from my troubled thoughts i stumbled upon the bridge to find it littered with locks.  The history of Love padlocks dates back about 100 years to a World War 1 tale.  In the town of Vrnjacka Banja, a woman named Nada fell in love with a Serbian officer named Relja.  When Relja went to war in Greece he ended up falling in love with a local woman named Corfu.  Nada never got over the loss of her love and eventually died of heartbreak.  It soon became a tradition that young woman from Vrnjacka Banja, who wanted to protect there own love, would begin writing there names down with there love ones on a padlock, fixing them to bridges and railings where Nada and Relja use to meet, and tossing away the key.  Since this time love locks have appeared on bridges around the world, with some of the most popular in Paris, Italy, and even here in Canada.

    The love locks were a beautiful and unexpected visual, and just what i needed to see in that moment.  The Sim alone is worth visiting just to get a glimpse at the stunning sight.

     Over all a beautiful little sim that quickly had me in good spirits once more and definitely worth the visit.  Don't forget to donate while you're there to help us keep these amazing Sims open.

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