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Thursday, 14 September 2017

Welcome to Iron Hills

A Night Time Stroll Through Iron Hills

 Updated now with  LM:
     As some of my loyal readers know we are fast approaching my favorite time of the year, especially for Second Life.  The Haunted Houses, Halloween Decorations, and Creepy Halloween sim are appearing right left and center, and the Second Life Tourist is here to tell you what is best of the best this year.

     We start this years 2017 Halloween Exploration with Iron Hills.  This sim offers a creepy abandoned urban Horror feel without going over the top.  There is something for everyone, amazing set up, and everything in it is picture perfect quality.  I ended up spending 3 days touring this sim because there was simply so much to see and so many pictures to take!

     Iron Hills is a full sim with positively EVERYTHING you could want to see on a Halloween sim, all constructed and designed beautifully to blend and give you the feeling of really walking through a ghost town.

     So without any further postponing lets take our photo tour of this amazing sim.

Our Adventure Starts off with meeting Wally.  Yes, hes dancing outside the Tattoo parlor in his underware.  The site alone is scary but he is nice enough to offer you a flashlight.  Now if you are visiting this sim merely as a walk through, i suggest making it night, turning on the flash light and letting yourself get spooked.  If your visiting it to get pictures such as myself, then i would turn your settings to something dimmer with lots of shadow.  I personally used The Wastelands settings and adjusted shadow and light accordingly.

A walk along the first few streets will provide you with some great photo opts.  I personally suggest the bar which is decorated beautifully and has so many interactive, and non Halloween objects.

The Grave yard has some amazing places to shoot photos as well as the haunted house.  I strongly suggest when visiting the grave yard to make sure you go all the way to the back.  The makers of this sim put in some little surprises that actually made me jump and then think i was seeing things.  Don't forget while touring this sim as well, to check every corner and touch on everything, you'll be amazed at the little details you find
The School House

I have no idea what type of kids they were teaching here but those must have been some freaky little kids.
The guard to the nut house

One fantastically creepy place.

This was by far my favorite in the whole sim.  Usually I hate the Carnivals because i'm garenteed to see either a. Clowns, or b. Those creepy porcelain dolls.  This place of course had both, shivers, but what i did find here was so extraordinary that it made up for being exposed.

Creepy freaking things

You will see this entrance at the Carnival, do yourself a favor and take it.  I didn't take pictures on the adventure it leads you through because i was so involved at looking at everything.  Totally unexpected adventure that I absolutely adored!!!

To the creatures of the Sim, what a way to start off the 2017 Halloween season.  Not only the best sim i've visited this year (this is the first Halloween one this year) but definitely on my top list of Halloween Sims ever.

Photographers, adventures, i encourage you all to grab your flash lights and take a visit.  This Sim is a definite 5 out of 5.  And as always don't forget to donate to help keep these sims open.

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