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Friday, 24 March 2017



     Its Spring.  Finally in my side of the world the snow is beginning to melt, birds are beginning to sing, little animals are scurrying out from their long winter nap, life is arriving to my corner of the world again.  Of course this amazing world opening before me in real life wants to make me experience the same in second life.  So dawning a few summer outfits and my camera I headed out to Giadini Di Vita thinking Italy would be the best place to simply enjoy spring.

     The landing point instantly puts me in front of a little café and I swear I could almost smell the espresso and lattes from inside.  This would be the perfect little place to spend a few hours sitting and talking with friends or simply just taking photos.  It was here that I sat and did a little research about the Sim I was about to view.

     owned , and one can only assume, created by Vita.camino, this sim is both a residential sim and a photography site.  All the rentals are these beautiful little Italian style villas, and right beside this little café is the most beautiful wine and book bar.

     In the photo, or common area's that line the cobble streets, you'll find numerous photo locations as well as wild life springing up all over the place, and beautiful little rose gardens.  Now a good many of the building are "fake" and unable to be entered, but definitely peek in the windows to find some really cute scenes laid out.

     A walk along the cobblestone streets will have you viewing some beautiful wild life and stunning foliage.  Definitely worth stopping and striking a pose in.

And of course with it being spring I couldn't resist stopping to play in the gardens.

     Now the sim is majorly residential, and if you are looking for a stunning place to live this will certainly be at the top of my list.  I  enjoyed walking through the sim and getting lost in spring, the photographic area is small and doesn't have many interactive objects but definitely worth taking your poses and snapping a few or simply hanging out.  As a residential Sim I would certainly give it a 5 out of 5 but as a photographic Sim it gets a 3 out of 5.

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