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Friday, 3 March 2017



    What do you get when you come across a sim that is a photographers dream and a new skin made by an extremely talented designer?  You get one vain blogger taking way to many pictures of herself!!!!

     I had the pleasure of visiting Hazardous today, a little sim done in destitute  buildings and muted colors that leaves you with the feeling of walking through a ghost town while at the same time leaving you with a feeling of romance.  Amazing layouts with a real artistic flare that leaves almost anyone who enjoys photography inspired to create some of their own.

This is the landing point, a sort of twisted Alice in Wonderland feel. Take a dive into the tub and arrive at your destination.

The whole sim is covered with this dried grass feel
 Except near the ocean where you will find some interesting places for pictures, including this area which is swimming with paintings floating in the water

Perfect place to sit and nap, write your blog, or just reflect on your day.
 the back of this dress was too cute not to capture a photo
 And the windlight settings on the sim are perfect
My favorite picture of the day
along with this one taken in one of the abandoned buildings
 Also had to make sure I stopped and enjoyed the stunning waterline of the sim
A definite recommend for all photographers and simply those just enjoying a visually stunning place to relax by yourself or with someone else.  A well deserved 5 out of 5

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