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Wednesday, 1 March 2017

Free Fun Photography


The moment you land in this spot you are greeted by the country.  Horses to your left, cabins to your right, and a view of water, mountains and trees.  The Sim, owned by Sneekybrat and Abyss Spires is described as a place for Second life photographers to exchange ideas and to network.  Group members are able to lay down photo props, but almost everything on the sim is able to be engaged with and offers a huge arrangement of poses.

The first thing that stood out to me wasn't the beauty of the place but the friendliness of it.  I was instantly greeted by one of the sim owners, Miss Sneekybrat, who had no idea I was there to review the sim.  She instantly began speaking to me like we were friends for years and encouraged me to explore which instantly made me feel welcome upon her sim.  Now I do have to say, after I do a review I always send the sim owner a little note of thanks with the links to the blog and Flickr with the photos, and I usually receive a reply of thanks, or encouragement to come back, but NEVER have I been greeted by a sim owner right as I stepped foot onto the sim.
So if by chance the Sim owners are reading this, by all means keep this up, it was wonderful, made the sim very inviting and it was encouraging to know if I did end up needing help or having questions that someone was there.

One of the things we did like most, I say we because of course I dragged that sexy husband Dilshad Taylor-Slade of mine along, was the fact that the sim offered very little lag.  The paths to each different "station" along the sim were clear and defined and didn't leave you with a confused feeling of how to get to what.  I would have closed some of these areas in just a bit with some more foliage to give it a more "into the woods" feel, but loved that it was so easy to get from point a to point b.

"Definitely a place I would recommend to beginner photographers" Dilshad Taylor-Slade

The theme of the Sim is kind of Country, meets the mountains, meets the ocean.  You'll find numerous cabins along the sim, waterfalls, hot springs, horses and even an air balloon.  not to mention a majority of the sim is surrounded by high mountains

"It reminds me of Newfoundland, mountains, green , ocean and rock" Isabella Taylor-Slade

The sim has area's that I would love to see developed more.  More details and decorating in some of the buildings, more greenery and foliage in other spots, a contrast of colors to make it stand out more in a photograph.  That said I agree fully with what Dilshad said above, it will most definitely be top in my list to hand out to those beginning in photography and looking for a place low on lag to take some photos, I will most definitely be back and look forward to seeing what these owners do with more time on the sim.

Overall experience 3.5 Stars out of 5

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